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Build YOUR Custom Classic Dragontail
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Many of the items shown on this website began as items which were custom orders made by Sir Randy or our team members. These items, as they were found to be in demand by more than the one individual who ordered the custom item, were added to our Dragontailz product line.

Over 1000 Dragontailz have been sold!!!

Interested in a Custom Order? A Toy Made JUST FOR YOU!

Dragontailz always accepts custom orders for BDSM items. You may request items to be custom made by using the Contact Form. Sir Randy or Lady Leigh will respond to your order via e-mail to confirm the specifics with you prior to manufacturing your custom toy. Custom colors of items, additional sizes for items, or custom adaptations of existing items, are all readily available. A price quote for your custom order will be stated in the order confirmation to you as well.


About Our Tailz

All Dragontailz Dragontails are all manufactured in the United States of the highest quality Italian upholstery leather to specific standards to guarantee durability and a lifetime of enjoyment and can be individually crafted to your request. All Dragontailz Dragontails carry a lifetime warranty against defect. Dragontailz dragontails have a unique design which makes ours fly more accurately than other dragontails on the market. These dragontails are constructed of one continuing piece of leather with an oak core. The handles are part of the dragontail and will never detach from the dragontail (if a handle is attached to a toy, it may become unattached at some point in time). We offer two (2) styles of handles for your unique dragontail – spiral wrap and ninja. We also offer a variety of colors.

Upcoming Events

Sunday,   August 2 , 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM:
Fire, Ice & Wax Demo @ LoftNC Charlotte
Friday,   August 14 - All Day:
Geeky Kink New England (3 days)
Saturday,   August 29 - All Day:
FFF Providence, RI
Saturday,   August 29 - All Day:
T3WD Vendor Fair, Columbia, SC
Friday,   October 23 - All Day:
Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair (3 days)

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